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RANT: Stop Tweeting Your Own Horn

Dec/Fri | Category: theRants&Raves | 

Maybe I just don’t get it, but seems strange to me to retweet when someone gives you a compliment.  I must have read 10+ tweets today alone that said things like:


RT @Complimentor:  @me you are so awesome.  Great meeting you tonight.

RT @Complimentor:  @me loved your blog post – it was so insightful.

RT @Complimentor:  @me Woohoo, you rock!


Seriously, am I just missing this?  It’s a real question.  Please tell me if I am.  However, it seems so odd to be retweeting things like this mostly because they violate two content rules we try to adhere to: add value & be real.  There is definitely no value to your twitter followers with this post.  And, it’s not “human” – if your boss complimented you, would you running around the entire office yelling, “boss lady says my copywriting is flawless” to all of the other copywriters? Yeah, probably not.


So why do it on Twitter?  Maybe you could just get a t-shirt instead and wear that at home so just your family is tortured by the overshare of how much you rock.



The ONLY way I could MAYBE see this type of retweeting working is to retweet and add value to the tweet.  Maybe something like more like these:


Made lots of connections and new friends at#tweetup RT @Complimentor:  @me you are so awesome.  Great meeting you tonight.

Thanks for reading my post on narcissism at  RT @Complimentor:  @me loved your blog post – it was so insightful.

Thanks, but it was your guidance in this post that got me going.  RT @Compleimentor:  @me Woohoo, you rock!


Now these deliver a bit of value to me – I can see what they are referring to and why it contains good info to retweet although a reply rather than a retweet would probably be more appropriate.  More subtle posts like this tend not to bother me as much either:


RT @Complimentor: @me Great blog post on tips for not being an arrogant jerk on Twitter


It adds value, telling me people (perhaps important people) have read and liked your post so I might want to as well. 


What do you think?  Am I missing something here or is this annoying to you too?

Category: theRants&Raves

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